Press conference Cosmofarma Exhibition – New features for the 2014 edition

The 18th edition of COSMOFARMA will be taking place in Bologna from 9th-11th May 2014. The first important new feature is that the Bologna fair complex will now be central to the organisation of this leading event in the pharmaceutical world.

“Bologna will become the permanent headquarters of Cosmofarma,” says Duccio Campagnoli, President of BolognaFiere and Sogecos, the company that organises Cosmofarma/Cosmoprof. “Based on the results of a survey of professionals, exhibitors and visitors, who expressed a clear preference for the city, we wanted to create an unrivalled fair complex for the entire supply chain of the cosmetics and pharmacy worlds. This includes Cosmofarma, the European leader in the pharmacy market, Cosmoprof, the number one fair in the beauty sector, Pharmintech, the event dedicated to pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging, a sector where Bologna’s industry plays a leading role, and Sana, the fair specialising in natural food and products. 2014 will also witness a new addition to this list of events, Nuce, which has recently been acquired by the BolognaFiere Group and concentrates on raw materials for natural food and cosmetics. Bologna is therefore cementing its role as a dynamic hub for innovation, for trends and for the pharmaceutical and wellness business, all central each and every year to Cosmofarma, the most influential observatory for the sector. The renewed partnerships with Federfarma and Cosmetica Italia are extremely important for us and ensure that we get close to our target market of visitors: pharmacists and cosmetics experts in pharmacies.”

Sponsorship by FEDERFARMA and the partnership with Cosmetica Italia bring expertise and prestige to the event: Federfarma’s customary institutional convention will take place on Saturday 10th May and will be the central feature in Cosmofarma’s conference section, which offers a wide choice of meetings to attend.

“Cosmofarma provides a vital link between pharmacy and manufacturing industry,” observes Annarosa Racca, President of Federfarma. “Firms, intermediary distribution and companies supplying services and products to pharmacies have a great opportunity for debate and dialogue here. Our aim is to improve the service to the public, both in terms of the breadth of supply of products and in terms of the quality of advice being offered. As well as the exchange of information and the debates arising from this far-reaching encounter provided by the fair in Bologna, there will also be cultural inspiration with the wealth of conventions and themed focus groups concentrating specifically on pharmacies’ needs. Cosmofarma is an essential occasion for the industry and for operators in the health field and plays a valuable part in fostering the sector’s development. In an ageing population which needs to deal with the inevitable strain on public resources, pharmacies, as anticipated in the law on new services, can be a vital cornerstone in the process of reducing the number of hospital beds and taking responsibility for patients at home. Pharmacies can also considerably improve patient compliance and the appropriateness of treatments, preventing incorrect use of drugs and subsequent hospitalisation.”

“Cosmetica Italia’s Gruppo Cosmetici in Farmacia (Cosmetics in Pharmacies Group) will be cementing and reinforcing its presence at the 2014 edition of Cosmofarma with services dedicated to cosmetics firms from Italy and abroad, as well as ones targeting pharmacists,” says Vincenzo Maglione, President of Cosmetica Italia’s Gruppo Cosmetici in Farmacia. “The companies involved are aware of the event’s international appeal, thanks in part to the full programme of B2B meetings. The meeting centre is increasingly appreciated by companies looking to boost their development on an international level and, vice versa, by foreign companies and distributors that see Cosmofarma as a meeting point where they can make contact with the right partners. Companies will continue to benefit from the showcase targeting the world of pharmacists, with dedicated activities taking place at the GCF’s multitask stand within the exclusive area where companies belonging to the group can occupy specific spaces to increase their visibility and raise their profile.

For pharmacists there will also be an enhanced programme of CEM (Continuing Education in Medicine) courses on current themes relevant to the profession and the world of cosmetics, which has been in a state of upheaval following the introduction on 11th July this year of the new EU regulation on cosmetic products. This contains important new features which pharmacists must familiarise themselves with and use in their work.”

The 18th edition of Cosmofarma will be focusing on a very topical thematic area and has the title ‘Pharmacy for all ages, pharmacy for all’.

Old age will be the subject of in-depth exploration, but Cosmofarma also targets pharmacists of all professional ages and new firms, the so-called start-ups. There will also be a special focus on the ethical value of pharmacists’ business. The themed areas investigate preserving the psychophysical health of elderly people, a balanced diet and the role of supplements, oral hygiene and the phenomenon of “couples in pharmacies”. A way of drawing attention to new ways of looking at pharmacies from the point of view of citizens/consumers.

There will be four “themed focus areas” for the 2014 edition: “Old age”, “Nutritional supplements”, “Oral care” and “Pharmacy for couples”.

Cosmofarma is the undisputed arena for presenting the most innovative products and provides an efficient opportunity for companies to do business and for institutions, professionals and manufacturers to network. Companies can learn about their customers’ needs and respond to their requests and pharmacists can meet during the exhibition and at special events and explore innovations in the sector, with valuable in-depth analyses of a managerial or scientific nature provided by the conventions and CEM courses.

Cosmofarma is also becoming increasingly international, fostering meetings with the most influential foreign buyers in the sector through a strong “International Buyer Programme”: meetings organised between buyers and manufacturers to create more opportunities for exchanging ideas and doing business.


The “Cosmofarma Incubator” is a new initiative aimed at sponsoring young entrepreneurs: a project to support start-ups and new emerging businesses which provides a hub of services, tools and visibility for the young entrepreneurs who represent the future of the “Made in Italy” brand in the pharmacy world.

The “Innovation and Research Prize” sponsors young researchers and is promoted in partnership with the Università degli studi di Ferrara: prizes will be awarded for the best theses dealing with future scenarios in the pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic sector.

The “Ethical Pharmacy” contest will reward the best social, eco-sustainable or ethical project devised by a pharmacy.

Cosmofarma Exhibition 2014 has entrusted the task of designing its image to a young and internationally renowned artist from Milan, Lorenzo Petrantoni. Petrantoni, who has worked with The New York Times, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Coca-Cola, Swatch and many other brands, has devised an advertising campaign drawing on old prints from the 19th century which are reworked by hand using graphic design and collage and transformed to tell Cosmofarma’s very contemporary and international story.

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