Cosmofarma Exhibition 2014 has been inaugurated today

The 18th edition of COSMOFARMA will be held in Bologna from 9th-11th May 2014, and this is the first important innovation worth noting: the Bologna trade fair will become the unique location for organising this leading event in the pharmaceutical world.

“Starting this year Bologna will host Cosmofarma on a permanent basis – according to Duccio Campagnoli, the President of Bologna Fiere and Sogecos, the company that organises Cosmofarma/ Cosmoprof.  Based on the results of a survey carried out among people working in the industry, exhibitors and visitors, who clearly stated their preference for the city of Bologna, we have decided to create a trade fair that has no equals in the entire cosmetics industry and world of pharmacies. The fair will host Cosmofarma, the leading European exhibition in the pharmacy sector, Cosmoprof, the world’s leading trade fair in the beauty sector, Pharmintech, a two-year event devoted to industry and pharmaceutical packaging (in which industry Bologna is the world leader), Sana, a trade fair specialising in food and natural products, and Exposanità, an event devoted to hospital equipment. This means that Bologna is firmly asserting its position as the driving force behind innovation, trends and the pharmaceutical/health business in general and, just like every other year, it will be hosting Cosmofarma, the most important watchtower in this sector. Once again in 2014 its renewed partnerships with Federfarma and Cosmetica Italia will make this an authoritative and prestigious event, guaranteeing it will be able to cater perfectly for its target groups, Pharmacists and people working on the cosmetics side of the pharmacy industry. The usual official Federfarma Convention scheduled for Saturday, 10th May will be the main focus of the conference side – full of interesting proposals -of Cosmofarma”.

“Cosmofarma brings together pharmacies and industry, according to Annarosa Racca, the President of Federfarma. Businesses, intermediate distribution agencies and companies providing services/products for pharmacies all get the chance to dialogue and interact at this event. We are interested in improving the service we offer the general public, both in terms of the range of products on offer and also the authoritativeness of counselling. Alongside the exchange of information and discussions characterising the Bologna Trade Fair, there is also plenty of cultural input from all the various conferences and thematic meetings focusing on the real needs of pharmacies. Cosmofarma is vital for the industry and people working in the health sector, really helping the industry evolve. In an ageing society that has to come to terms with necessarily limited public resources, pharmacies – as, moreover, stipulated in the law governing new services – can provide a vital contribution to the process of reducing the number of hospital beds and of taking charge of patients at home. Pharmacies can also notably improve patient compliance and ensure the right treatment is provided, avoiding any improper use of drugs that might result in hospitalisation”.

“Tradition and Innovation! Including greater attention to scientific updating and Italian/International networking. According to Vincenzo Maglione, the President of  the Cosmetici in Farmacia Group belonging to Cosmetica Italia, this will be the main focus of the 2014 edition of Cosmofarma. Every year the GCF pays plenty of attention to the event, striving to provide increasingly targeted services for pharmacists and companies belonging to the Group. This year, for instance, the GCF’s exhibition area will take the form of a highly interactive stand to enable one-to-one meetings between pharmacists and companies and between companies and national/international distributors. In addition, information/training material specially created for the event will be handed out, such as, for example, the ‘Guide to dermo-cosmetic cross selling’. There will also be plenty of ECM courses organised in partnership with Cosmofarma focusing on the very latest issues in the world of pharmacies. These are all aspects underlining the Cosmetici in Farmacia Group’s involvement and dedication to this event, so that it can “provide a proper service”. The subject of “pharmacies providing services” is very much to the fore at the moment, because it is at the focus of political debate about the role of pharmacies in the future: Cosmetica Italia’s GCF would also like to “provide a proper service” for its own associate companies and pharmacists. And so we look forward to seeing you again in Bologna, sending you a personal invitation to come and visit our stand”.

The 18th edition of Cosmofarma will be focusing on a very cutting-edge topic and is, indeed, entitled: A Pharmacy for people of all ages, a pharmacy for everybody. Although attention will mainly focus on the elderly, Cosmofarma is also aimed at pharmacists from various different age groups and newly formed companies, so-called ‘start-ups’. It will also take a careful look at the ethical importance of a pharmacist’s work. The 2014 edition will have four “focus topics”: “Old Age”, “Food supplements”, “Oral care” and “The pharmacy for couples”. These topics are about the psychophysical health of the elderly, a balanced diet and the role of supplements, oral hygiene and the issue of “couples visiting pharmacies”. A way of attracting attention to the new approach being adopted by pharmacies in relation to the general public/consumers. Cosmofarma is an undisputed showcase for the most innovative products and also an ideal opportunity for trading between businesses and networking between institutes, professionals and industry: for companies – which can learn all about their customers’ needs and meet their demands -and for pharmacists, who can meet together and find out about the latest innovations in their sector at both the main exhibition and special events, also gaining useful knowledge and insights of a managerial/scientific nature from the ECM courses and conventions.

Cosmofarma is also becoming increasingly international; indeed it facilitates meetings with leading international buyers in the industry through an intensive “International Buyer Programme”, a series of meetings organised between buyers and businesses providing greater opportunities for trading and doing business.


The 2014 edition of the Cosmofarma Exhibition will feature an extensive programme of meetings, including discussions, workshops, interactive encounters and EEC refresher courses aimed at pharmacists. Since the previous edition Cosmofarma has taken on a guiding role in relation to the schedule of events, carefully choosing selected subjects to be discussed and directly organising some of the conferences planned. This year there will be about 70 Cosmofarma Conventions. The chosen themes are based around three macro-topics: management, science and updating.

The second Cosmofarma Watchtower will be held during one of the Cosmofarma Conventions. Introduced for the first time during the previous edition, the Watchtower is aimed at analysing various aspects of the world of pharmacies. Working in partnership with the sociologist Francesco Morace (Future Concept Lab), a new research project will be presented, which will allow visitors to find out about the latest changes affecting the market and forthcoming trends of particular relevance for the world of pharmacies. There will also be descriptions of the latest consumer profiles. This means it will be of great interest to all pharmacists, who will be able to think about increasingly well-targeted and winning approaches in terms of both communication and the products they offer.

The main event will also encompass a number of additional meetings to be held at three specially created points: Spazio Farmacia will be accommodated in Pavilion 25, where the meetings will mainly focus on cosmetics in pharmacies; the ‘Meeting in Farma’ area of Pavilion 26 will hold conferences devoted to aspects of proper pharmacy management (for example, software and credit management). Pavilion 26 will also accommodate Beauty Farma, the space were Cosmetica Italia will be hosting some extremely interesting conventions and workshops on the subject of aesthetics in the pharmacy, ranging from refresher meetings about the laws currently in force to meetings with Pharmacists and Beauticians, who will talk about their own business experiences.


Cosmofarma is turning into a great opportunity for the market, pharmacists, educational facilities and companies to all meet together. The chance to gain an overview of the world of pharmacies and to discover new business ideas, new means of communication and new projects to broaden your own experience. This explains why Cosmofarma has decided to organise some special projects alongside its usual conference/exhibition activities.

The “Incubatore Cosmofarma” is an enterprise aimed at backing young business people: a project for supporting ‘start-ups’ and emerging companies that offers a range of services, tools and visibility for all those companies representing the future of Italian pharmacies.

The “Research and Innovation Prize” provides backing for young students and is being promoted in partnership with Ferrara University: a special award will be given to the best theses on future scenarios in the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic industry.

The “Farmacia Etica Contest named after Marco Belli will reward the best ethical, eco-sustainable, social project carried out by a pharmacy. This competition has a very special partner, La Roche-Posay, which will be sponsoring the winning project by offering a managerial training course for pharmacists entitled “PHARMACIEN MANAGER”.


Once again this year Cosmofarma will be organising a gala dinner for presenting the Care Awards (prizes for the best advertisements by pharmaceutical companies) and “Cosmofarma Prize for the Pharmacist of the Year” during the official opening evening on Friday, 9th May. The location chosen for the event is the MAST Foundation, an international cultural and philanthropic institute based around Technology, Art and Innovation. The evening, which will be hosted by Emanuela Folliero, will include the awarding of the Fenagifar Prize for a Young Pharmacist, the Banco Farmaceutico Prize, and the Research and Innovation Prize.

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