Cosmofarma also a success for Bolognafiere

Visitors 27.566 (+14% compared to 2013),  exceeding expectations.                                                                  

“Bologna has reasserted its leadership in the organisation of trade fairs dedicated to health and well-being – according to Duccio Campagnoli, the President of Bologna Fiere and Sogecos, the company responsible for organising Cosmofarma /Cosmoprof – The rise in the number of visitors at all our trade fairs not only confirms the high standard of organisation but also reinforces Bologna’s position as the city easiest to reach from both Italy and abroad, thanks also to its airport and high-speed railway link”.

The 18th edition of Cosmofarma in Bologna that has now drawn to a close was a real success, exceeding all expectations with 27.566 visitors (+13% from Italy and +22% from abroad), 357 exhibitors and over 600 meetings organised by Cosmofarma to help companies get to know buyers from twenty different countries.

“BolognaFiere has reasserted its leadership in the organisation of trade fairs dedicated to health and well-being – according to Duccio Campagnoli, the President of BolognaFiere Spa and Sogecos, the company responsible for organising Cosmoprof and Cosmofarma – and Cosmofarma Bologna has reinforced its position as the most important exhibition in Italy and one of the most important in Europe for the pharmaceutical industry as regards cosmetics and health issues associated with well-being and everyday beauty care. Our organisational efforts were rewarded this year by the excellent attendance figures, proving that we were right in deciding to stage the event in Bologna every year, starting this year. Thanks to its airport and high-speed train link the city will undoubtedly confirm its role as the city easiest to reach from all over Italy and abroad. Despite the ongoing recession, Cosmofarma shows that at least the pharmaceutical industry, more dynamic and resourceful than ever, is looking ahead optimistically. Cosmofarma can also claim to be the most important event bringing together the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists, reinforcing a process of innovation aimed at creating the pharmacy of the future as a focal point for health closest to the general public. A notable factor in Cosmofarma’s success is its partnership, which is being even further reinforced as of this year, with the Italian Federation of Pharmacies, Federfarma and Cosmetica Italia, the Association of Italian business people working in this sector”.

Cosmofarma’s success was enhanced by the authoritative presence of lots of guests, most notably the involvement of a truly special pharmacies, the Minister for Regional Affairs, Maria Carmela Lanzetta, who was given the award for the “Pharmacist of the Year” during the opening day together with another notable prize-winner, General Cosimo Piccinno, the Commander of  the Nas (Italian military police in charge of medical-related affairs).

“We offered our exhibitors and visitors a complete trade fair – so Campagnoli went on to say – that was cleverly balanced in terms of both its business-oriented and scientific/training aspects”.

600 meetings organised between international buyers and companies, as well as a total of 73 conventions, workshops and conferences under the expert scientific supervision of Professor Enrico Roda, who organised a proper Training Academy attended by hundreds of doctors and pharmacists. The striking layout and installation of BolognaFiere’s Services/Agora Centre was again a great success at Cosmofarma after its successful involvement in Cosmoprof. Built based on an art project designed by Maestro Pier Luigi Pizzi, it was once again transformed into an authentic home of culture used for hosting conventions, an invaluable little Pharmacy Museum organised in conjunction with the Academy of the History of Pharmacies in Milan, and an exhibition about the various stages in life organised by the Marino Golinelli Foundation from Bologna. The care that Cosmofarm took over cultural-training aspects was also extended to the smooth-running and functionality of this particular area, which hosted 357 exhibitors, including 30 from abroad. It once again featured the regular ‘Cosmofarm Watchtower’, which, this year under the guiding hand of Francesco Morace, outlined the latest developments on the international pharmacy scene, also providing interaction, information and solutions.

“BolognaFiere – so Campagnoli concluded –  once again confirmed its role as the irreplaceable focal point and only acknowledged home for a pool of trade fairs, which, in the form of Cosmofarma, Pharmintec, Sana, Exposanità and Cosmoprof, clearly testify to its specialisation in the health and well-being industry”.

“Once again this year Cosmofarma managed to bring together pharmacies and industry in an admirable way – according to Annarosa Racca, the President of Federfarma – the union representing Italy’s the 18,000 pharmacies and, as of this year, the exhibition’s sole partner. Companies, intermediate distribution and firms providing services/products for pharmacies were here provided with the chance to exchange and discuss ideas. Every year Cosmofarma helps us improve our service to the general public, providing information about the wide range of products available and everything associated with counselling. The exchanging of information and discussions resulting from all the interaction at the Bologna trade fair was further enhanced by cultural input in the form of all the numerous conventions and thematic meetings focusing on the specific needs of pharmacies. Once again this year Cosmofarma was a real must for both industry and health workers, extremely useful for helping the sector to grow. In an ageing society that has to come to terms with necessarily limited public resources, pharmacies could be a vital structure in the process of reducing the number of hospital beds and promoting home care for patients. Pharmacies can also provide a notable contribution to patient compliance and the guaranteeing of proper care, avoiding the improper use of pharmaceuticals/strokes and the hospitalisation that this inevitably entails. All this clearly emerged from these three days of information and input aimed at planning a future increasingly geared to the needs of pharmacies that are up-to-date with the times”.

“Expectations in terms of tradition and innovation for the 2014 edition of Cosmofarma – so Vincenzo Maglione commented, the President of the Cosmetici in Farmacia Group belonging to Cosmetica Italia – were duly met. Alongside plenty of pharmacists in attendance, a number of doctors also took part this year: a sign that the combination of science and an exhibition is a winning formula. The rise in the number of companies, international guests and new start-up businesses meant this really was a great success. Starting tomorrow these facts and figures will provide numerical proof of the positive vibe surrounding this particular edition and real encouragement to continue along this path. The Cosmetici in Farmacia Group of Cosmetica Italia really came up with the goods, and this year it had a superb working partnership with companies, pharmacies and the BolognaFiere Group. The Group’s highly functional and innovative official stand was constantly busy, as were the ECM courses it promoted. All the documentary information handed out was also much appreciated by the various operators. All this merely confirms the general feeling that the market for cosmetics in pharmacies is experiencing a real revival”.

The 18th edition of Cosmofarma focused on a very cutting-edge topic: “A Pharmacy for people of all ages, a pharmacy for everybody”.

There were four “focus topics” at the 2014 edition: “Old Age”, “Food supplements”, “Oral care” and “The pharmacy for couples”. Topics that took a closer look at maintaining the psychophysical health of the elderly, a balanced diet, and the role of supplements, oral hygiene and the issue of “couples visiting pharmacies” from the general public’s/consumer’s viewpoint.

Cosmofarma also focused on the various different age brackets of pharmacists and the creation and development of new start-up pharmacies.

The 18th edition of Cosmofarma focused on its internationality by organising meetings with the most important foreign buyers in the industry as part of an intensive “International Buyer Programme. Over 600 meetings were organised between buyers and industrialists aimed at increasing opportunities for exchanging views and doing business (among the most interesting nations present were: Turkey, Russia, Iran, Jordan). 3 countries attended Cosmofarma for the first time: Switzerland, Sweden, Greece.

A number of famous faces from the Italian entertainment industry also attended Cosmofarma: Emanuela Folliero, who presented Cosmofarma’s Gala Dinner held at the MAST (the magnificent Museum of Art, Science and Technology commissioned by Isabella Seragnoli), Martina Colombari, a testimonial for the “Fondazione Rava” that helps pharmacies care for sick children, Katia Ricciarelli, who was a guest at the event organised by FENAGIFAR, the Association of Young Pharmacists, Anna Falchi, Red Canzian, Diego Dalla Palma and Maestro Pier Luigi Pizzi: a sign that Cosmofarma is in fine health, further testified by the presence of over 230 accredited journalists from Italy and abroad.


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