Lorenzo Petrantoni is the author of the new advertising campaign

Cosmofarma Exhibition 2015 for the second time will take advantage from the prestigious collaboration with the artist Lorenzo Petrantoni for its new advertising campaign. The artist has reinterpreted the contents of the 2015 event, entering into his vision of the pharmaceutical universe the representation of the focus of the 19th edition.

The artist takes old prints from the 19th century and works with them by hand using paper, Indian ink and collage to reinterpret them, transforming a tale from the past as he tells a new story for our times.

Lorenzo Petrantoni was born in Genoa in 1970. After studying graphic arts in Milan, he moved to France to work as a Press Art Director at Young&Rubicam. After his return to Italy, he went on to work with some of the greatest communication agencies. He then took some distance from the advertising world in order to fully dedicate his time to his illustrating career.

His passion for graphic design and his fascination for the 18th century combine in his illustrations. He uses images from textbooks and dictionaries dating back to that period which he discovered while browsing booksellers. His are profoundly unique illustrations, which give life back to words, events and characters that would otherwise be forgotten.

Lorenzo Petrantoni collaborated with prestigious brands (Coca Cola, Swatch) and international magazines (The New York Times, Newsweek), exhibiting his works in prestigious exhibitions in the world.

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