Cosmofarma Exhibition presents its 2017 edition

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The 21st edition launches new initiatives specific for the pharmacy world to look into the future of the industry


Milan, March 29, 2017 – Cosmofarma Exhibition, the reference exhibition for the pharmacy world organized by Bologna Fiere, presents the schedule of the initiatives for its 21st edition, which will take place in Bologna from May 5 to 7, 2017.

After the good results of the last edition, Cosmofarma proposes a full schedule of conferences and training initiatives about the latest issues of the industry.

“Cosmofarma Exhibition has been able to stand out as an important event for companies and operators within the pharmacy world – declares Franco Boni, President of Bologna Fiere – and we are getting ready to face the 21st edition with a 5% increase in the exhibition area, a very positive result if compared to the performance of the industry. The initial feedback in these days makes us reasonably believe that we will go beyond the numbers of last edition, when we registered 31,000 professionals coming from 54 countries. Cosmofarma proposes a unique exhibition format, putting together an exhibition area of excellence and the presence of the most influent companies of the industry with a full schedule of high-level scientific conferences, with the best international experts who will share opinions about the latest issues of the pharmacy world. With an increasing drive towards internationalization and with special attention being paid to professional training and innovations, Cosmofarma is an important event for pharmacists, suppliers and companies”.

“Once again the issues to be debated at Cosmofarma are of great interest for a pharmacy which wants to keep pace with the times and to strengthen its role of front-line health and social presence – states Annarosa Racca, President of Federfarma – The innovations regarding the market, the panels and conferences which will be presented at Cosmofarma will give inputs and opportunities for professional updates for the technological development of the pharmacy sector. Innovation is the focal point of the panels organized by Federfarma on Saturday morning, too. Cosmofarma is also an important meeting point for pharmacists and manufacturers. A constant and solid relationship with companies is an important precondition to foster efficiency in the pharmacy business. Pharmacy invests in technology, innovation and computerization, it guarantees the controlled and monitored distribution of all medicines, their proper conservation, pharmacovigilance and provides the right answers to citizens. The new knowledge and information which will emerge during the exhibition will be a great help to face the new changes taking place in the industry and to respond authoritatively to the increasing range of customers’ demands. We are moving towards a pharmacy increasingly integrated with National Healthcare Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale – SSN), more efficient and capable to increase the services provided, but we are investing also in a pharmacy format which guarantees additional services and Cosmofarma  is the right time for this innovation.”

“This edition invites with its slogan to look beyond, driven by passion -– says Roberto Valente, Director of Cosmofarma – and it has been anticipated by a roadshow project in some Italian regions: it hasn’t been a simple overview of our initiatives, instead we gathered Italian pharmacists at a delicate moment of their profession, to share with them questions, proposals, possible solutions. The challenges of an increasingly competitive market require not only the proper execution of business plans but they also demand a strategic vision and a passionate approach to the everyday work because the pharmacy continues to be for most of the citizens a place for information and prevention, of safety and trust, a friendly place which can be found everywhere within the Italian territory, in the big cities and, as rural farmacies, in towns and small villages”.



As usual, there are 4 thematic focuses for the 2017 edition, chosen through a survey addressed to exhibitors and visitors: around these themes in-depth studies and initiatives will be developed, which are on the agenda of the market.

DIAGNOSTICS AND PREVENTION – The pharmacist is an important reference person for the patient as regards prevention and education for a correct lifestyle.

MANAGEMENT AND DIGITAL – Digital is an essential element for the evolution of the pharmaceutical market. It influences the structure of the sale point and the everyday activity of the pharmacist, who is now able to analyze the customers’ purchasing behavior, thanks to opportunities provided by new technologies.

DERMOCOSMETICS AND TRICHOLOGY – Pharmacy is a distribution channel of excellence for cosmetics products. Dermo-cosmetic products are therefore a very profitable business for the pharmacist. In addition to presenting the most important new products to exploit this specific segment, this year Cosmofarma Exhibition will deepen into the knowledge about trichology, hair loss issues and technologies to eliminate it.

NUTRITION AND LIFESTYLE – A correct nutrition, together with an healthy physical activity, is a powerful preventive tool for a lot of diseases, and often patients need authoritative advices to improve their relationship with food, with more healthy ingredients, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements which help them to maintain their health.



The distinguishing feature of Cosmofarma Exhibition is the highly innovative conferences which go beyond the mere teaching and give inputs for possible developments of the pharmacy profession. Spotlights on wellbeing, lifestyle, future and innovation.

The second edition of Cosmofarma Business Conference will involve influential figures who witness every day the importance to “look beyond, driven by passion”, telling their experiences and their potential to “invent the future”. The main characters of the event, realized in partnership with EY, will be Sergio Dompè, president of the homonymous bio-pharmaceutical Group, focalized on the development of innovative therapies for rare diseases; Filippo La Mantia, chef and entrepreneur of a business changing constantly; Claudio Marenzi, president of Sistema Moda Italia and Pitti Immagine, who has relaunched the Herno brand by projecting it into an international dimension; Marco Grieco, EY MED Digital Transformation Leader, at the head of transformation projects in the digital world which help companies to take advantage by new opportunities connected to the new technologies.

Bologna comes back to be the reference point in Italy for international companies and experts of nutraceuticals and food supplements, thanks to the first edition of Nutraceuticals Conference by Nuce, scheduled on May 5 and 6.

The conference will involve the main reference business associations, international experts and opinion leaders of the industry, with two simultaneous content sessions addressed to a dual audience: on the one hand, doctors and pharmacists which confirm themselves as points of reference for consumers; on the other hand, more specific sections for researchers and technical profiles of companies in the industry.

Research and Innovation will be protagonists of the third edition of Innovation & Research Award, which gives visibility to the latest news of the exhibiting companies, according to the 4 thematic focuses of the exhibition. A jury of experts will select the best projects which will be awarded during the ceremony on Friday, May 5 at Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini.

The Osservatorio Cosmofarma, which in 2017 will celebrate its fifth edition, will be focused on dermo-cosmetics in pharmacy, involving pharmacists and companies into the development of an adequate response to the issues proposed by the “consensus” system.

The Start Up Village, in collaboration with Wellcare, will present start-ups specialized in the pharmacy business and their products, involving directly the leading companies of the industry in a promotion program.

Among the conferences scheduled to take place at Cosmofarma, “La direzione d’impresa come la direzione di un’orchestra” (“Business management like orchestral direction”), an emotional workshop addressed to business managers, pharmacy owners and directors who will deal about the theme of leadership and the metaphor of business as an orchestra, with musicians and their conductor playing together. The event is sponsored by FocusMGMT.

The focus of Simposio Tricologia by Cosmofarma Exhibition will be hair damages and loss, analyzed by a new internal approach to reach more accurate diagnosis and plan a  treatment targeted to the trichologic trouble.

For the first time at Cosmofarma WGSN, online consulting agency with more than 7,500 customers, which provides global trend analysis regarding design, fashion and lifestyle. The conference “I prodotti che “guardano oltre”: nuove frontiere per un migliore stile di vita” (“The products which “look beyond”: new frontiers for a better lifestyle”) will analyze the new borders of products for the patients’ well-being, from innovative food supplements to 3D-printed pills.

Second edition for Laboratorio Pediatria conducted by Susanna Messaggio, which will involve pediatricians, nutritionists, pharmacists, specialized companies and journalists to face the issues concerning the mother-child dyad.

Susanna Messaggio will also conduct Laboratorio delle forme, new feature of this edition, with the participation of Prof. Stefano Zecchi, President of IISBE (International Institute of Beauty Science), Prof. Ivano Luppino and Prof. Giancarlo Lacchin. The topic will be the forms of beauty through art, skin and lifestyle.

L’Arena by Cosmofarma is dedicated to students: they will come in contact with representatives of different careers, who will answer their questions about the work opportunities for Pharmacy and CTF (Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology) students.

Further in-depth analysis will be dedicated to communication, to the importance of storytelling and to the relationship with the customer/patient, to give new inputs to the pharmacist who wants to improve his professionalism looking beyond, without forgetting his passion.

After the event Cosmofarma Exhibition will return to its roadshows to meet Italian pharmacists. Next stage, Cagliari in June and Bari in September.