Cosmofarma presents the new advertising campaign, signed by Gruppo Vento, which will accompany the 2019 edition. As every year, the exhibition aims to update and anticipate not only the changes in the sector, but also the stakeholders’ needs.

Social networks have unavoidably changed our way of living, relating to each other and doing business. We spend more time chatting online than actually talking, more time making contact over the internet than actually meeting.

We can’t simply disregard the use of new technology and its channels, but the need to go back to a more personal way of interacting and exchanging views is becoming stronger. The same goes for the pharmacy world.
These premises underpin the central theme of the Cosmofarma 2019 advertising campaign, which presents the upcoming edition as “more social, more human”.This is the message of the advertising campaign, which interprets and expands the meaning of “social” and takes it back, in the most literal sense of the word, to its connotations of community or society.

The human and interpersonal dimension is reclaimed and promoted from the outset with the tagline “Relationships at the heart”, highlighting Cosmofarma’s wish to encourage meetings between pharmacists and businesses in the sector.
On a graphic level the futuristic background, full of connections, aptly represents the scenario that we live in. The incongruous image illustrates the humanoid’s transformation as she emerges from her technological identity and takes on a more human, smiling, reassuring, welcoming face. The copy’s contemporary tone reinforces the image and makes its message clear.

If we want to move forward, might it not be a good idea to take a step back and reclaim the traditional models of interaction? This is the question that the new Cosmofarma advertising campaign is trying to answer, offering a chance to reflect on subjects that will be tackled and explored during the upcoming event.