Areas and sectors covered:

• Hall 36 – Pharmaceutical, Parapharmaceutical, Health Care
• Hall 25 – Dermocosmetics
• Hall 26 – Natural Products, Nutrition, Dieting
• Hall 26 – Networks and Contract Manufacturing Organisations
• Hall 30 – Services for Pharmacies

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Company NameSectorHallStandCountry
CASHMATIC SRLServices for the Pharmacy30E39San Marino
CASHPOS SRLServices for the Pharmacy30D51Italy
CAYGRI DI ELENA CARAMANICOServices for the Pharmacy30A32Italy
CEFLA S.C.Services for the Pharmacy30E13Italy
CERRI ITALIAServices for the Pharmacy25A96Italy
CLOU TECNOLOGIE D'ARREDO S.R.L.Services for the Pharmacy30AREAItaly
COMPROVENDOFARMACIAServices for the Pharmacy30E57Italy
COMPUGROUP MEDICALServices for the Pharmacy30B31-C30Italy
COSTA SAS DI COSTA MAURO & C.Services for the Pharmacy30A61-B64Italy
CRC SRLServices for the Pharmacy30B55-C56Italy
CREDIFARMA SPA GRUPPO BANCA IFISServices for the Pharmacy26A61-B68Italy
CSF SISTEMI SRLServices for the Pharmacy30C17-D18Italy
CUSTOM SPAServices for the Pharmacy30E53Italy
CYBER S.R.L.Services for the Pharmacy30E49Italy
DAINT SRLServices for the Pharmacy30D47-E48Italy