Areas and sectors covered:

• Hall 36 – Pharmaceutical, Parapharmaceutical, Health Care
• Hall 25 – Dermocosmetics
• Hall 26 – Natural Products, Nutrition, Dieting
• Hall 26 – Networks and Contract Manufacturing Organisations
• Hall 30 – Services for Pharmacies

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Company NameSectorHallStandCountry
ALBASUN SRLCosmetic sector25C76Italy
ALCHEMLIFE (UK) LTD.Food- Diet sector26B87United Kingdom
ALES GROUPE ITALIA S.P.ACosmetic sector25B64-C77Italy
ALFA MEDICALCosmetic sector26C80_Korea
ALGEM NATURAFood- Diet sector26B67-C68San Marino
ALIOPHARM SRLFood- Diet sector26A91-B92Italy
ALOE-BETAFood- Diet sector26C09Italy
ALTA NATURA - INALME SRLFood- Diet sector26B13-C14Italy
ALUMODO SRLServices for the Pharmacy30C39Italy
AMERIGO SRLCosmetic sector25B100Italy
AMLAB SRLServices for the Pharmacy30D3-E4Italy
API FARMACIEServices for the Pharmacy30A50Italy
APIARIUM SRLCosmetic sector25B104Italy
APIVITACosmetic sector25C22Italy
APOSTORE GMBHServices for the Pharmacy30D31-E32Germany