Areas and sectors covered:

• Hall 36 – Pharmaceutical, Parapharmaceutical, Health Care
• Hall 25 – Dermocosmetics
• Hall 26 – Natural Products, Nutrition, Dieting
• Hall 26 – Networks and Contract Manufacturing Organisations
• Hall 30 – Services for Pharmacies

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Company NameSectorHallStandCountry
CAMORAK S.R.L.Cosmetic sector25A46-B49Italy
CASANOVA FOOD SRLFood- Diet sector26C3Italy
CASH SYSTEM SRLServices for the Pharmacy30D13-E14Italy
CASHPOS SRLServices for the Pharmacy30D51Italy
CAUDALIE ITALIA SRLCosmetic sector25A26-B27Italy
CAYGRI DI ELENA CARAMANICOServices for the Pharmacy30A32Italy
CCPB SRLCosmetic sector25A90Italy
CEFLA S.C.Services for the Pharmacy30E13Italy
CERRI ITALIAServices for the Pharmacy25A96Italy
CHEMIST'S RESEARCH SRLPharmaceutical26A45-B46Italy
CLOU TECNOLOGIE D'ARREDO S.R.L.Services for the Pharmacy30AREAItaly
CM PHARMA TRADING SRLHealth care sector26A11-B12Italy
COLLISTAR SPACosmetic sector25B31Italy
COMPROVENDOFARMACIAServices for the Pharmacy30E57Italy
COMPROVENDOFARMACIAServices for the Pharmacy30E57Italy