Areas and sectors covered:

• Hall 36 – Pharmaceutical, Parapharmaceutical, Health Care
• Hall 25 – Dermocosmetics
• Hall 26 – Natural Products, Nutrition, Dieting
• Hall 26 – Networks and Contract Manufacturing Organisations
• Hall 30 – Services for Pharmacies

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Company NameSectorHallStandCountry
TOLIFE TECHNOLOGIES AUSTRALIAHealth care sector26C86Australia
CENT PUR CENT (MYKLA BVBA)Cosmetic sector26B83Belgium
CAMCO LTDCosmetic sector26B77Bulgaria
ATG PHARMA INC.Pharmaceutical26C88Canada
ALFA MEDICALCosmetic sector26C80_Korea
DELFI TECHNOLOGIESServices for the Pharmacy30A36Denmark
TRIPHARMA DWC-LLCServices for the Pharmacy30B70U.A.E.
MOSKITOFREEHealth care sector26C78France
PANIER DES SENS EN PROVENCECosmetic sector26B85France
SM COSMETICCosmetic sector25B94France
VITRY SACosmetic sector25C36France
ALCHEMLIFE (UK) LTD.Food- Diet sector26B87United Kingdom
BIOPHARMA MANAGEMENT LTDCosmetic sector25C90United Kingdom
APOSTORE GMBHServices for the Pharmacy30D31-E32Germany
DR. GRANDEL GMBHFood- Diet sector26B93-C94Germany