Make-Up in Farma

A new feature for the next edition of Cosmofarma is Make-Up in Farma. This is a dedicated area where leading make-up artist Stefano Anselmo will be presenting the latest make-up trends in pharmacies, with special focus on camouflage techniques. The Make-Up in Farma programme will include training sessions where practitioners can learn the technical skills necessary for mastering the art of camouflage make-up. Working with this type of make-up also requires good interpersonal skills, which are vital for understanding customers’ psychological and emotional needs.

In addition to this, if any companies exhibiting camouflage make-up products at Cosmofarma want to stage live demos on their stands, they will be included in the Make-Up in Farma calendar and will benefit from advertising through all the event’s media channels. Since it is increasingly sought after in pharmacies, camouflage make-up will be taking centre stage at Cosmofarma.

Cosmofarma has also designed a special make-up bag containing camouflage products. This limited edition product is a result of the event’s partnership with Cosmografica Albertini, Marino Belotti, Pennelli Faro and Pharmacos.