2016 Edition

Cosmofarma Exhibition celebrated its 20th anniversary with record figures.
54 countries took part in the event, cementing its role as the leading trade fair
for the pharmacy world.

The 2016 edition hosted over 80 conferences, organised directly by Cosmofarma, by exhibiting companies and by associations from the sector. As ever, Federfarma’s sponsorship was vital for driving the many changes already taking place and preparing to face future changes together. The Federation’s institutional conference reaffirmed pharmacies’ added value as local social and healthcare units beyond any question of competition.

This increasingly international event saw exhibitors, visitors and buyers from all over the world playing an active part in a highly successful International Buyer Programme. Cosmofarma developed and made available a new innovative match-making system enabling exhibitors, buyers and visitors to set up meetings during the weeks leading up to the event.

Not simply business, but up-to-the-minute analysis, information and innovation too.

The 4th Cosmofarma Observatory offered an in-depth analysis, with a new “Consensus”, of the role of local pharmacies within the new complex primary care units (UCCPs). Using the new local healthcare models as a starting point, the main professional organisational problems associated with the new structures were highlighted and the potential of pharmacies was explored.

The second edition of Start-Up Village put the spotlight on 17 start-ups by young innovators, who were given the opportunity to present their projects on service-providing pharmacies and pharmaceutical marketing. Thanks to the partnership with Wellcare and the companies who signed up to the adoption programme, six start-ups were chosen and will benefit from the support of businesses already established on the market.

The Innovation & Research Award prize-giving ceremony underlined the importance of Cosmofarma’s support for businesses and their capacity for innovation and investment in scientific research, new products and high-quality state-of-the-art projects.

2016 was the first year for new projects such as Cosmofarma Business ConferenceOltre la Cura (Beyond Care) and L'Arena (the Arena) by Cosmofarma.

The first Cosmofarma Business Conference attracted a large audience and the calibre of the speakers and their subjects ensured its success. The event marked the start of a journey towards Cosmofarma becoming the place for CREATING VALUE AND SHARING KNOWLEDGE, where key players from the financial world, the distribution sector and the industry describe the situation in markets similar to our own and propose ideas and new business strategies. The meeting opened with an overview of the sector’s technological scenario by Carlo Salvioni, Sales & Marketing Director at IMS Health Italia. On the subject of technology, Andrea Bonucci, Agency Head at Google, described consumer behaviour in terms of online purchases. Massimo Zonca, General Manager at Ethos Profumerie, presented a case history: changes in perfumery, the case of the Ethos consortium. The session concluded with Erika Mallarini, Professor of Public Management & Policy at SDA Bocconi, who updated participants on the current market situation in the sector.

Oltre la Cura (Beyond Care) is a project devised by Cosmofarma to help pharmacists create a space within pharmacies for supporting customers/patients experiencing problems resulting from invasive treatments or in shock following a diagnosis with an unsettling name. The three days of intense talk shows featured pharmacists, doctors, businesses and patient associations, with moving testimonies and valuable advice about managing and relating to customers experiencing these issues.

L’Arena (The Arena) targeted students and aimed to encourage educational, creative and professional journeys. Part one was about courage, ending at Studio Falorni at the University of Pisa. Maria Carmela Lanzetta presented the prize for the best video about courage made by students. Participating students then had the opportunity to talk to professionals from the industry, the university and the pharmacy world and ask them questions about the future of the profession.

Cosmofarma Exhibition is constantly developing in order to offer pharmacists an opportunity for up-to-the-minute analysis, debate and information, and companies the chance to specialise and increase their business. Moving towards the future with an accent on change and development: this is Cosmofarma. See you in 2017!