Medical Devices


The world of medical devices is a very vast field and in Cosmofarma we will be deepening  the segment concerning the pharmacy that includes, for example, diagnostic kits, OTC products, supplements etc . An area where the role of the pharmacist as a trusted advisor it becomes more and more important, and the pharmacy it becomes the real pharmacy of services. The data provided by IMS Health talk about an area in expansion and with a great impact on the turnover of Italian pharmacies. Let’s look at  them together.

Medical devices in pharmacy are notoriously synonym of products used for the diagnosis , medications and typically in the nutraceutical industry. In fact more and more often they apply the designation of medical device on products much more different from the medicated gauze, patches or diagnostic kits . If you take a look at the segment of OTC products you see that more than 12 % of the revenue, corresponding to about 647 million Euros, is generated from brands that have been placed on the market with the definition of medical devices.  The great part of them are “notified products” . On top of the list we find the ophthalmic products and the  products used for colds that benefit most from advanced devices for administering eye drops , ointments and sprays. Oral forms of devices OTC ( supplements ) still represent 19% of the total and growing at a rate of 32 % compared to 2014.