Cosmofarma Exhibition is the reference event of the pharmaceutical world in both Italy and Europe. Every year, product trends, design and the most innovative technological solutions can be discovered in Bologna during the 3 days show. Cosmofarma is the unmissable event to get a preview of the future of the pharmacy, but it is also an opportunity that welcomes the leading companies internationally. The Made in Italy is well represented thanks to the presence of the most innovative and historical companies of the sector.

Sartoretto Verna srl provides 360° support to the development and evolution of your pharmacy, with over 50 years’ experience.  Our consultancy continues post-opening where we work on the results obtained and plan for new goals to be reached. Our extensive experience in refurbishing pharmacies, is showcased in over 1800 pharmacies in 28 countries all over the world.  Each phase of the project is carefully planned and tested; the whole process is managed by highly specialized experts. All of our team members are engineers and architects,  our projects are designed to optimize the available space through careful study of the structure of the building whether the aim is to increase the sales area, refurbish, or completely rebuild. Our experience in international independent and worldwide pharmacy chains keeps us in daily contact with pharmacists, businesses, pharmacy chain managers and consumers all over the world. This gives us a unique view and experience which allows us to be ahead of trends, client needs and technology, as well as what obstacles to overcome and errors to avoid. The continuous and irreversible advances in medicine and pharmaceutical product sales on the internet, the new direction of the American pharmacy, the Large-scale Retail Trade in Northern Europe and the failure of the uber-commercial strategy of French pharmacies, allows us to establish a clear direction for what all the Pharmacies worldwide need: professional marketing to increase sales. Pharmacies need to specialize and distinguish themselves from their competitors, to create an unique shopping experience that involve and attract customers make them feel good, stay more and buy more and Sartoretto Verna Srl know how to do it in the best way!

Helan was born in 1976 in Genoa, we are one of the few Italian Companies to produce and manufacture directly our products and in Italy we sell in Erboristeria (Natural Shops), Pharmacies and Parapharmacy moreover we  export in almost 40 Countries all over the world. All our products are very high quality, since our formulations are free from: Parabens and Phenoxyethanol, Syntetic Colorings, Paraffin - Vaseline - Lanolin - Mineral Oils and Silicones, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate), EDTA and of course Animal Ingredients. All HELAN’s products are microbiologically tested and grant to reduce the risk of heavy metals allergy: Nickel, Cromo….tested° (Evaluation according to the European Directive n. 94/27/CE°) And we use raw materials such as: dry extracts, vegetable oils, emulsifiers and butters, essential oils and fair trade raw material where available. Our range of products is very complete and it satisfy all the cosmetic Women needs. For face skin care: cleansing and moisturizing – nourishing – Antiaging. For body care: specific lines such as sun care. Helna's  lines including perfumed line, with more than 20 different fragrances, make up and hair care products. Moreover Helan produces also a product line for Men: face skin care – shave and after shaving and body care and of course of the babies with our famous Linea Bimbi and Sole Bimbi.

ALCE NERO is the trademark of a thousand farmers and beekeepers, engaged since the 70’s in Italy in the production of organic food, result of an agriculture that respects the earth. Alce Nero offers more than 250 organic products across important categories: durum wheat semolina pasta  from different varieties of wheat like Senatore Cappelli wheat, Spelt wheat (Triticum diccocum), Kamut wheat (Khorasan), but also flours, rice, cereals and canned legumes, tomato puree and pulp, traditional sauces for pasta, extra virgin olive oil, fruit spreads and fruit juices, “Frollini” (Italian cookies). Alce Nero is also offering a range of Fairtrade products such as coffee, sugar cane, Basmati rice, chocolate bars and teas. Alce Nero is a company made up of producers and processors, many of them shareholders, involved in every step of production, from the selection of the most suitable varieties, the production techniques that respect the environment,  to the processing of raw materials that preserve their natural characteristics. We focus on local production, sustainable agriculture, the land, the environment: these deep commitments are the engine of our development.