Focus areas 2017

Pharmacies play an important role in promoting prevention and educating citizens about healthy lifestyles. Pharmacy staff should have appropriate training to meet customers’ needs, keeping illness at bay and ensuring the greatest possible mental and physical wellbeing for patients.

It is now common knowledge that a healthy diet, together with appropriate physical activity, is a powerful way of preventing many conditions. Patients often need expert advice to improve their relationship with food as they search for healthier ingredients and also supplements and neutraceutical products to keep them in good health. Pharmacists need suitable training to provide an expert response to customers’ needs. Cosmofarma Exhibition will therefore be organising a dedicated symposium to explore innovations resulting from the latest research in the field.

The digital world is a vital factor in the evolving pharmaceutical market. It influences the structure of retail outlets through the development of management software and the day-to-day work of pharmacists, who can now analyse customers’ buying habits. Social media is also increasingly important in the pharmacist-patient relationship, both for loyalty schemes and for marketing a business worldwide. Conventions, workshops and on-site demonstrations will explore the latest digital innovations.

Pharmacies are a leading distribution channel for cosmetic products because of their high level of customer trust. Dermocosmetics is therefore a very lucrative business for pharmacists. Cosmofarma Exhibition will help pharmacists and businesses develop a shared strategy by presenting new products, events and a symposium dedicated to this market segment. New for this year is an in-depth exploration of trichology, problems connected with hair loss and technologies designed to counteract it.