2019 Edition

The Cosmofarma Exhibition's team is at work to put together the new edition that, from April 12 to 14, 2019, will be the reference event for the world of pharmacy.

The next edition of Cosmofarma is putting the focus on relationships. Relationships between patients and pharmacists, between pharmacists and companies, and between companies and distributors. And, naturally, the relationship between Cosmofarma and all of the key players in the pharmacy world.

Every day, we are seeing an increase in the number of technologies that help us to communicate, and perhaps this is why we need to feel like we are being heard, understood, and looked after. There’s a need to return to personalizing the way we interact with and relate to others. This is especially true in the pharmacy world.


The theme of relationships will carry through the events on the new conference calendar. For 2019, along with the themes that our visitors have come to expect—MANAGERIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, and SCIENTIFIC—there will also be a series of conferences dedicated to PERSONAL RELASHIONSHIPS, highlighting interpersonal, discussion, and listening skills as a way to get back in touch with those complex, delicate relationships that are the core of the pharmacy profession but that have been lost over time.


There will be a big focus on market performance, with quite a few in-depth reports on current trends and on the key segments that are ever more in the forefront, like supplements and cosmetics.   

Cosmetic Summit is one of the latest innovations for 2019. This focus on the world of dermatology and cosmetics in the pharmacy will offer an in-depth look on trends and future scenarios. Obviously, we will talk about digital, lead generation, and how to put the customer at the center of things.

This is to be a year of great initiatives and innovations that will see the show expand. Actually, Cosmofarma will occupy one of the new pavilions, number 30, in addition to the historic ones—25, 26, and 36.

Therefore, we are working to create an event that will be ever more suited to your needs.

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